Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

information strategy: applied

Health Assessment

Reinforce confidence in your IT health posturing. Let KPI evaluate the status of your software and hardware systems and receive our qualitative assessment along with detailed findings and concrete prioritized action items.

Technology Alignment

The deployment of technology and systems in your organization should closely correlate with bottom line revenue drivers, intentional risk acceptance and other business specific needs. KPI can evaluate capability gaps as well unrealized cost efficiencies to improve the value return on technology investment by assisting development of a Strategic Plan for IT focused on the specific needs of your business.

System Capability Modeling

KPI will identify and rectify capability weakness by completing a gap analysis of your actual technology posturing against your strategic plan or organization needs then drive focused integrations, deployments and controls with goal-oriented project leadership.

Operational Planning

Ensure your organization can perform repeatedly and predictably under scale with proactive table-top excercises and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development.

Resource Modeling

Ensure your IT investment is optimally applied and remains proactive at all times. KPI routinely collects and utilizes detailed system, application and business level metrics and key performance indicators to model, assess and predict performance capabilities, resource utilization, and identify specific weaknesses.

Capital Planning

Allow your organization to effectively balance cost efficiency, liquidity and flexibility by shifting resource costs between Operational Expenses and Capital Expense investments. KPI can help you align your expense footprints with your organization’s resource availability and business capability goals by evaluating current information and technology assets then working with you to find the right balance of staffing, professional services, subscription software, low-cost on-premise deployments and elastic cloud-based footprints.

Organizational Integration

Divestitures, acquisitions, mergers and high growth present challenging scenarios for both technical and non-technical management staff. Our team has worked with clients through a myriad of organizational changes and excels at bridging the gaps between management teams to allow organizational changes to proceed swiftly with minimal risk.