Integration Services

Integration Services

Information Platform Assembly

Full-stack Software Integration

KPI integrates both the latest NodeJS front-ends with realtime and batch oriented work queues and unstructured data as well as more mature Java/LAMP/C# applications based on REST and relational data models into robust production grade deployments.

Data Pipeline Management

Our team has experience implementing streamlined production grade SQL and NoSQL database systems with high-availability, multi-site endurance, and tuned for optimal performance. We have worked with high criticality transactional databases, multidimensional data warehouse repositories, and NoSQL data pipelines which leverage the latest in real-time signaling and batch work queues.

Managed Intelligent Infrastructure

KPI engineers high-availability hardware and cloud-based clusters which allow component failure at the network, server or storage level while maintaining target service levels. We monitor customer systems real-time to respond proactively to negative health trends as well as critical failures, and manage physical maintenance and cloud deployments without customer intervention.

Elastic Networks

KPI utilizes a combination of software defined network technologies both built in and layered on commercial clouds and virtualized clusters as well as more mature physical network components to deliver robust and highly reliable network routing, security, and load-management of your applications.

Platform Scope

Whether your needs require implementation of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies or are a result of an in-house development effort our team has the expertise to integrate and harden your information platform into a robust production deployment.

Cloud Infrastructure

The variable OpEx model pioneered by AWS allows a cost-flexibility high horizontal scalability not available through fully managed or on-premise infrastructures. KPI is an AWS Consulting Partner and engineers, scales and manages both hybrid (cloud-bursting) or fully cloud-located infrastructures.

On-Premise Systems

On-premise systems physically located onsite or inside leased space at highly secure and reliable SSAE16 SOC2 rated facilities offer both the lowest TCO and highest vertical scaling profile. KPI can engineer, deploy and manage on-premise systems for high-availability and fault-tolerance to specifically defined performance and RTO/RPO measures.

Access Security

We deploy application aware network edge protection, multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption (PKI), VPN/TLS transport protection, and dynamic IP access restrictions to protect customer application surfaces from unauthorized use. KPI can also manage a fully hardened virtual desktop environment (VDI) which satisfies the most stringent data-loss prevention (DLP) regulations and policies.